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The SMARTER initiative assists municipalities with creating new solutions that combine private green finance to leverage government support to improve the health and comfort, financial stability, and energy performance of very low income households. Additionally, Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and the massive need for rebuilding homes in Ukraine require fast, affordable and green solutions to support their energy transition from fossil fuels.   


Some of the specific support offered to municipalities include:

  • The Let’s Build Green and Elevate Campaign that gathers commitments to introducing green building concepts in return for comprehensive training and education on the principles of green building, the financial considerations of these types of projects, and other useful courses and tools

  • A toolkit that provides municipalities documentation, research and other tools to introduce green homes principles into affordable homes for vulnerable persons.

  • The Smarter4EU Help Desk provides an extensive array of Europe’s most experienced green building and green finance experts to support launching your best-in-class affordable housing projects.

  • Turning the complex to simple – Smarter provides comprehensive assistance with answering the challenging question, 'has a residential project been designed, constructed and operated to a best-in-class standard for a green home?' Through the use of efficient and credible green residential certification systems, a municipality, their partner bank and, most importantly, their citizens know they are getting the many benefits of a green built home. Upon signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Smarter, municipalities and public bodies can benefit from free consultancies provided by green housing & green finance experts.

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What is your role?

SMARTER4EU and SMARTER FINANCE FOR FAMILIES takes a systemic, multidisciplinary approach to solving a systemic problem. The needs and motivations of all of the essential stakeholder groups that are critical to moving the green finance topic forward to promote greener homes for Europe’s are considered.

Green investors
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