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The Smarter story

Horizon 2020 funded, SMARTER initiative began in 2019 with the aim to promote the financing and building of green homes. The goal of the SMARTER initiative was to secure financial institutes and residential developers to create and launch a co-designed green mortgage product for new property acquisition. 17 organizations in 12 European countries came together to improve people’s quality of life, protect the environment and encourage financing of green projects through a multi-faceted plan.

To find out more about the SMARTER initiative, please, have a look at our comprehensive, downloadable document.

As of November 2022, over 31,437 new homes have been certified or under agreement to be certified green through SMARTER’s partners in Ireland, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Romania, Morocco, Indonesia, Brazil and Colombia. These homes represent a collective total project value of over 8,560,000,000 Euros! These numbers will continue to expand as our additional country partners have launched their program. The SMARTER initiative aims to drive change in the finance and green certification of new sustainable homes.

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Kick off meeting SMARTER Finance for EU

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