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Improving citizens’ health, comfort, financial well-being and energy security by supporting banks, residential investors and solution providers with EU Taxonomy-aligned green homes and green mortgage programs

€10,376,000,000 of project value to date has been certified or is in the process of being certified to be eligible for discounted Green Mortgages

Banking on green homes

The SMARTER initiative is dedicated to driving the change the world needs in the development of finance and credible green certification for homes.

As of November 2022, SMARTER has unlocked finance and green home certification for over 31,000 new homes across Europe.

But we're just getting started.


What is your role?

SMARTER4EU and SMARTER FINANCE FOR FAMILIES takes a systemic, multidisciplinary approach to solving a systemic problem. The needs and motivations of all of the essential stakeholder groups that are critical to moving the green finance topic forward to promote greener homes for Europe’s are considered.

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