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Green homes solution providers

This is a catch all term for the wide array of providers of services, products, materials and technologies necessary to construct a green home project.  These include architects, engineers, construction managers, building materials (insulation, paints, etc.), products (windows, doors, etc.) and technology (heat pumps, heat exchangers, LED lighting, etc.). This group has an obvious interest in expanding citizens’ motivation to buy and renovate green. They do, however, need support to optimize their advertising of the concept, training their sales and support teams, and investing in innovation of their product lines and services to effectively contribute to successful GHGM programmes.

Solar Panel Home

Bringing opportunities

The SMARTER project - by identifying and promoting those with solutions that contribute to the successful achievement of Green Homes certification - will help drive these companies to invest in and benefit from the concept.

Multiplier effect

The very large number of ‘solution providers’ involved in the residential building process creates a massive opportunity for building awareness among consumers about the benefits of green homes. Green homes solution providers benefit from involvement in the SMARTER-launched GHGM programmes as they are joined by many green advocates so they are not alone in their efforts to educate the marketplace.

Green Building
Home Construction

Credible but cost efficient

Green homes solution providers need a way to indicate the green credentials of their solutions but are often exhausted by the large numbers of mandated and voluntary green certifications for products.  The SMARTER project proposes a way to ‘certify the certifications’ to automatically accept solutions that have been accepted as ‘green’ in other credible certification programmes’ projects.   The residential project itself is still responsible to ensure it obtains all of the necessary green performance (e.g., through earning high scores on the Energy Performance Certificate) but this is a way to rapidly bring green homes solutions into the programme to support the construction of green homes projects.

What is your role?

SMARTER4EU and SMARTER FINANCE FOR FAMILIES takes a systemic, multidisciplinary approach to solving a systemic problem. The needs and motivations of all of the essential stakeholder groups that are critical to moving the green finance topic forward to promote greener homes for Europe’s are considered.

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