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GBCE hold Sostenibilidad XL forum in Valencia

Sustainable building experts addressed current urban planning challenges at a debate forum in Valencia, European Green Capital 2024

Organised by Green Building Council España (GBCE) the event, "Sustainability XL: The city, an island of biodiversity" took place in Valencia on June 26 and 27.

It also saw the launch of VERDE 2030, that will be aligned with the EU taxonomy.

Overall, 108 people from across industry came together across 10 parallel sessions to discuss issues such as the challenges presented by the European Green Deal 2050 and what a zero-emission building will look like after the implementation of the EPBD.

One of the most important presentations was given by Albert Cuchí, president of AUS-COAC and professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, who addressed the challenges of the sector for the coming decades following the initiatives of the European Green Deal.

Final year architecture students participated in the “My Decarbonized Diploma” program, where they showcased projects in which they have implemented decarbonization, climate change adaptation and biodiversity protection measures.

The first day of the event was closed by Dr. Iván Cabrera, director of the Valencia School of Architecture (ESTAV-UPV).

The second day was inaugurated by Paula Llobet, Councillor for Tourism, Innovation and Investment Attraction of the Valencia City Council. The forum focused even more on the ecological transition of cities and how networks of cities committed to decarbonisation, adaptation to climate change and the improvement of the urban environment are transforming the built environment.

Dr. Jaime Guemes, director of the Botanical Garden of Valencia, discussed the relationship between the city and trees, as the most important element in ensuring biodiversity, air quality and water management.

The event was closed by Salomé Pradas, Minister of Environment, Water, Infrastructure and Territory of the Generalitat Valenciana.


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